Pre-Company & Passion Company

The CentreStage Goal is to make dancers PASSIONATE about dance!

At Centrestage Dance Studio, we offer a competitive program where we hope to encourage, positively direct and deepen the already created passion to learn, perform, perfect, and be inspired to grow in the exciting arena of dance.

There are hundreds of competitions in operation throughout the United States, and we carefully choose the ones that we feel meet the standards and needs of Centre Stage Dance Studio.

Monthly Tuition


Opal – $279

Passion Company

Pearl – $339

Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire/Crystal- $369

Competitions give our dancers an opportunity to perform and compete as well as grow with others who share our passion, in a positive and friendly atmosphere. We do not go to competitions for the single purpose of “winning”, but for the overall experience.

We don’t feel that in a subjective art form like dance there could ever be a winner or loser. We go to competitions because they are a great learning tool, to get inspiration from others, and most of all, because the kids love it!

Check out our Pre Company & Passion Company class schedules below

Goals for Our Dancers at Centre Stage Dance Studio…

• To provide fun & professional DANCE TRAINING & a well rounded education in dance.
• To give a feeling of SELF CONFIDENCE & SELF WORTH.
• To provide ample OPPORTUNITY TO PERFORM & display new talents.
• To give exposure to TEAMWORK & DEVELOP SKILLS of working together.
• To teach the importance of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.
• To teach the importance of feeling, behaving and performing in a POSITIVE manner.
• To teach the important qualities of PUNCTUALITY, DEPENDABILITY, & RESPONSIBILITY, which they owe their fellow team/class members.
• To give a direction in which to POSITIVELY CHANNEL the energy & enthusiasm of youth, while providing skills and a challenging atmosphere.
• To encourage EXCELLENCE in an area that they love to provide many skills and develop life long qualities of POSITIVE THINKING.
• To give the opportunity to meet many different people and develop SOCIAL SKILLS.
• To give the opportunity to create many WONDERFUL MEMORIES.
• To give our dancers a positive attitude about themselves which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. A POSITIVE SELF IMAGE creates a successful child, which is a solid foundation that a successful life can be built upon.

Free Trial Class!

At Centre Stage we have something for EVERYONE!
From the little Baby Diva who can’t wait to put on her first tutu…
Or the timid Princess feeling her way around looking for a sprinkle of self confidence
To the…
Ballerina, Tumbler, tapper, entertainer “get me out on that stage” Queen bee…
Or teen looking for an activity to build long lasting friendships and camaraderie,
Or the intense training, focused and driven dancer hungry and wanting the best training for success in a career of dance…

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