Baby and Darling Divas

It seems like just yesterday that you baby took her first steps, so can she possibly be ready for a toddler dance class? Absolutely! In addition to busting her own moves at home in spontaneous bursts of toddler dancing, little movers and shakers are capable of great physical activity, and their self-esteem is just waiting to be held preciously, shaped and let free to guide them through life.


Monthly Tuition

1 class/week- $79 monthly 

2 classes/week- $149 monthly

3 classes/week- $199 monthly

Check out our Baby/Darling Diva class schedules below!

The #1 goal behind the Baby and Darling Divas classes and performance opportunities is to build self-esteem and confidence in these little precious ones, all while instilling the love of music and movement through dance.

Centre Stage’s Baby Diva (ages 2-3) and Darling Diva (ages 4-5) classes are a great start for your little princess to get her little pink, sparkly toes wet in the wonderful world of dance.

These 50 minute classes consist of basic introduction to movement, coordination, ballet, jazz, tumbling, socialization, self-esteem building are so much fun and high energy…a nap is surely just around the corner.

Free Trial Class!

At Centre Stage we have something for EVERYONE!
From the little Baby Diva who can’t wait to put on her first tutu…
Or the timid Princess feeling her way around looking for a sprinkle of self confidence
To the…
Ballerina, Tumbler, tapper, entertainer “get me out on that stage” Queen bee…
Or teen looking for an activity to build long lasting friendships and camaraderie,
Or the intense training, focused and driven dancer hungry and wanting the best training for success in a career of dance…

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Our Baby and Darling Divas have the opportunity to bust a move at local performances such as Desert Ridge, local school carnivals, our yearly recital and even the Phoenix Suns game.

Whether they choose to perform or not, the class is run the same and they will learn adorable little routines throughout the year, and perform for you the last 5 minutes of every class.