We Have Over 100 Dance Classes For Kids!

We offer classes in HIP HOP, BALLET, TUMBLING, POM, JAZZ, TAP, COMBO and more for children of all ages and abilities…  It’s Simple… CentreStage is the Best Dance Studio for the dancer interested in one, two, or twelve plus classes a week in all sorts of different genres! We have so many dance classes for kids of all ages and abilities.

Choose from our recreational program or any one of our other 6 different performance groups listed below.  We even have a competitive team for those who love to perform and would love something more!

The First Class Is On Us!

Come by any day of the week (closed Fridays & Sundays) for a tour and a free trial class!  WE CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU! CONTACT US!!

Baby & Darling Divas

Ages 2-5

It seems like just yesterday that your baby took her first steps, so can she possibly be ready for a toddler dance class? Absolutely! In addition to busting her own moves at home in spontaneous bursts of toddler dancing, little movers and shakers are capable of great physical activity, and their self-esteem is just waiting to be held preciously, shaped and let free to guide them through life.

Performing Teams

Ages 4-18

Do you want to be part of a team that is NON-COMPETITIVE and performs at School Carnivals, High School Football and Basketball Games, the Phoenix Suns, Disneyland and even more?” Our performing teams are perfect for you!

Pre Company & Passion Company


Ages 5-18

At Centrestage Dance Studio, we offer a competitive program where we hope to encourage, positively direct and deepen the already created passion to learn, perform, perfect, and be inspired to grow in the exciting arena of dance.

Open Classes

Ages 5-18

Do you want to focus on your technique and still be a part of the end of the year recital? Our Open Classes are perfect for you!