Now Enrolling New Students

Dance Classes Begin August 10th, 2020

Finding the right dance studio can be very hard and time consuming… We’ll make the search easy and quick for you…  Welcome to Centre Stage! There is only 1 FIRST DANCE CLASS, allow Centre Stage to share it with you and your dancer.

Most dance studios will announce themselves as having “Something For Everyone.”  Meaning they have a dance class for every type of child.  Centre Stage goes one step further.  WE HAVE A PERFORMANCE FOR EVERYONE!


Free Trial Class!

At Centre Stage we have dance classes for EVERYONE!
From the little Baby Diva who can’t wait to put on her first tutu…
Or the timid Princess feeling her way around looking for a sprinkle of self confidence
To the…
Ballerina, Tumbler, tapper, entertainer “get me out on that stage” Queen bee…
Or teen looking for an activity to build long lasting friendships and comaradrie,
Or the intense training, focused and driven dancer hungry and wanting the best training for success in a career of dance…

Come Perform With Us!